ALM (Abundant Life Ministries) Canada

Box 1417

Lewisporte, NL., Canada






1.What credential are you applying for: License____ or  Ordination____

2. Name:________________________________________

3. Address:________________________________________


4. Postal Code.__________________

5. Home Ph:__________________________

Cell:  ________________________


6. E-mail address: ___________________________________


7. Date of birth: D______   M_____   Yr _____


8. Are you born again ? ____ Date ________________________


9. Have you been baptized in water ? ____ Date ________________


10.Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit? ____ Date __________

(With the Scriptural evidence of speaking in tongues)


11. Marital status: Single_____ Married_____ Divorced_____  Remarried_____  Widow(er)_____

(If divorced/remarried please provide details.)


12. Date of marriage: D______ M______ Yr______


13. Spouse`s name:____________________________


14. Spouse`s date of birth: D_____ M_____   Yr______


15. Is your spouse born again ?____Date_____________________


16. Has your spouse been baptized in water ?____Date___________


17. Has your spouse been baptized in the Holy Spirit ?____ Date___________

(With the Scriptural evidence of speaking in tongues)


18.Do you or your spouse have a former spouse still living ? ______


19. Do you have children ? ________


20. How many are living with you ?_____

                 Name                                              Age





21. Bible School Education and other related courses: (please note that formal education/training is not necessarily required for credentials)

                 School                                    Diploma/Certificate or Degree





22. Other Diploma/Certificates or Degrees:





23. Ministry Experience (start with current or most recent):

(Include Pastoral, Evangelistic, Local Church, etc.) 




(Please attach sheet if necessary)


24. Other work Experience (most recent 2 or 3):





25. What do you consider your Ministry gift(s) to be ?

Pastor ______     Evangelist ______    Teacher ______   Other_____

(specify) ________________________________________________


26. Have you ever held Ministerial credentials with any organization ? ________

With what organization ?_____________________________


27. Do you hold any current Ministerial credentials ? _________

With what organization ______________________________

(If you are granted credentials with ALM you may continue to hold your current credentials)


28. Have you ever been denied credentials ?______

Why ? _________________________________________



29. Do you maintain a lifestyle in agreement with Biblical standards ? ________


30. Do you use alcohol, tobacco or (non-prescription) drugs ?____

(If  yes, explain on separate sheet)


31. Have you been convicted of any criminal offences ?____




32. Have you been investigated(or charged) for any incident(s)of a sexual nature ?



33. Why are you applying for License/Ordination credentials with ALM(Abundant Life Ministries) Canada ?







34. Are you currently leading/co-leading a ministry ?_______ If yes please provide the following:

Name of Ministry:______________________________

Type of Ministry: _______________________________

Your position: _________________________________

Ministry address:_______________________________



I have read, and agree with, the Statement of Faith of ALM:    Yes_______        No_______


I have read, and agree with, the Ministerial Credential regulations of ALM:   Yes____    No____



I hereby certify that the answers to the above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge:


Applicant`s signature___________________________________________


Dated this  _______        _______           ___________

                     Day                 Month                      Year      



When you send your Application for Credentials please be sure to also send the applicable fees:


Application fee (non-refundable):  $ 25.00 (Can)


Annual Credential fee:  $ 50.00 (Can)


Our present preferred method for receiving your application/annual

credential fees is by email money transfer to email address above, or you

may send it by mail if you prefer.


(In the event that your Application for Credentials is not accepted the

credential fee will be returned.

Please note also that if 8 months or more of the calendar

year have passed when you apply for credentials your credential fee

will be based on the number of months that are left for that year.)



ALM (Abundant Life Ministries) Canada

Box 1417

Lewisporte, NL., Canada



Recommendation Form


I have known ___________________________   for ______  Years


I have known the applicant as:  Minister___  Friend___  Relative___  Other___



The relationship is:  Close___  Casual___  Professional___  Ministerial___


To the best of my knowledge and judgement, the applicant is:(5-excellent, 1-poor)


1. In Christian life and testimony ____


2. In ability to minister ____________


3. In accepting responsibility _______


4. In Moral Integrity and attitude ____


5. In Personal Maturity  ___________


6. In Leadership Potential_________


7. In family relationships _________


8. In personal appearance _______



In my opinion the applicant exhibits a “call to Ministry” : Yes___    No___


I would recommend the applicant for Ministerial credentials with ALM (Abundant Life Ministries) Canada: Yes___    No___






Home phone: ______________________                 Cell:________________________________


Signature:___________________________    Date: Day____   Month____  Year____