The following Ministerial Credential information is for the benefit of those who may be interested in seeking Ministerial Credentials with ALM (Abundant Life Ministries) Canada.

Credentials are granted in recognition of the Licensed Minister and the Ordained Minister. Once granted, and renewed annually, the Credential shows that the holder is a Licensed or Ordained Minister in good standing with ALM.

If you are interested in applying for Credentials with our Ministry/Fellowship you can find application and reference forms on our Credential application page. You may request a copy of the forms and we will send them to you by mail, or you can make a copy of the application form and send the completed form to us as an email attachment or by mail.

Please also have two people (one should be involved in a ministry leadership role) who know you well complete the reference form and send them to ALM.


(1)  Classification:

(a) There shall be two classifications of Ministerial credentials:


(1) Licensed Minister.


(2) Ordained Minister.


(b) A Licensed Minister with ALM must hold this credential for at least one year before applying for Ordained Minister credentials.


(c) A candidate who has previously held Ministerial credentials, and has sufficient Ministry training and/or experience, may initially apply for Ordained Minister Credentials with ALM.


(2)  Issuance:

(a) Each candidate must Scripturally qualify. (Acts 15:22;  1 Tim. 3:1-7;  Titu1:5-9)


(b) Each candidate must submit to the Constitution and By-Laws of ALM regarding Ministers and Credentials.


(c) Each candidate shall be in agreement with the Statement of Faith of ALM as set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws.


(d) Each candidate must complete the ‘Application for Ministerial Credentials’ and submit it to the Board of Directors for consideration.


(e) Each candidate shall be notified in writing of the decision of the Board of Directors regarding their application for Ministerial Credentials. Each candidate that is approved will be issued a credential card showing that he/she is a member in good standing with ALM. This credential card will have an annual renewal requirement.


(3)  Fees:   

There shall be an ‘application’  fee and an ‘annual renewal’ fee. The amount of this fee shall be fixed by the Board of Directors and may be subject to change from time to time.


(4)  Revocation:

Upon examination of any evidence brought against a credential holder, the Board of Directors of ALM shall determine if there is cause for revocation of a members credentials. Any member may have his/her credentials revoked should he/she be found guilty of any of the following:


(a) Un-Christian or unscriptural conduct.


(b) Illegal, immoral or fraudulent conduct.


(c) Failure or refusal to comply with the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of ALM regarding Ministers and Credentials.


(d) Causing, or conspiring to cause, division among members of this fellowship or any other Church or Christian fellowship.


(5) Reinstatement:

Any member whose credentials have been revoked and who desires to be reinstated as an  ALM minister must make application to the Board of Directors. Their application will be reviewed and his/her credentials may be reinstated at the discretion of the Board of Directors.